• Seek The Unseen
    Nothing hides in direct view of your thermal imager. Everything gives off a heat signature unless it is cold blooded, so depending on the ambient temperature, […]
  • Conduct Perimeter Patrols Safely
    A view through the lens of the Seek Reveal Pro FastFrame. The ability to see through darkness with the clarity that your eyes will never have […]
  • Evaluate Radiant Floor Coils
    A quick test of the tubes and pipes is easy to conduct with a thermal imager. The heat of the pipes radiates through the surface making […]
  • Detect Air Leaks
    Air leaks are a primary cause of energy loss and often cause further problems with the ventilation system. Locate building defects or framework construction problems including […]
  • Find Moisture Invisible to the Human Eye
    Moisture can be difficult to spot and is easily a strong contributor to health issues. Problems such as common deterioration from air leakage can cause condensation […]
  • Inspect HVAC Ductwork
    Significant energy is consumed and lost in many systems. Look for duct leakage and improper installation or loss of air flow.
  • Find Loose Electrical Connections & Faults
    A Seek thermal camera lets you see circuits that have blown fuses or bad connections. If left unchecked, electrical problems can potentially cause high temperatures. Start […]
  • Locate Thermal Bridges
    Typically thermal bridges are an area of the building envelope that can have lower thermal resistance. Heat likes to follow the easiest path from the source […]