Inteliscope Apple Bundle

Simply mounts to your picatinny rail in moments

Inteliscope is the shooting sports only multi-use smartphone rifle mount and app that provides a full featured heads-up display, video gun camera, and inexpensive thermal scope attachment. In this bundle, you get a Mount Kit including cables, an Inteliscope PRO+ and a SEEK XR thermal camera. For Apple iOS.


Inteliscope is built from durable aluminum and a black rubberized coating that ensures a long life of use: on the range, tactical training, hunting and play. The Inteliscope App and Mount have been tested on several firearm platforms from 12-gauge shotguns, automatic and semi-automatic ARs, .308s, .22LRs, and more with no report of damage.

Thermal Imaging Camera Designed for Your Smartphone

Inteliscope integrates with SEEK CompactXR—the world’s smallest thermal imager. Its highly portable design connects to the PRO+ Mount and fits in your pocket for easy connect and detect convenience. The CompactXR delivers powerful thermal imaging through its advanced 206×156 thermal sensor engineered with the same military-proven technology the pros use. Its 20-degree narrow field of view allows it to recognize/target objects up to 90 metres away between -40 and 330 degrees Celcius.

Zoom Adjustment and Drop Calculation

By tapping on the reticle you can set the range and yardage. The reticle automatically moves to compensate for bullet / arrow drop which can be customized depending on the specific ammunition you are using. The reticle also rotates based on the orientation of your rifle / bow so that bullet / arrow drop is calculated to take into account the true direction of gravity.

Multiple Reticles to Choose From

The free Inteliscope App comes with 4 included reticles. Simply tap in the upper left corner (Settings) to access or purchase additional reticle packs from the library.

Customize and Save your Loadout and Rifle / Bow Settings

Inteliscope allows you to customize your shooting experience by setting and saving loadout, range and rifle-type presets. Set it once and save more time on the range, playing field, blind or in tactical training.

Video Record your Shots!

Take your Inteliscope to the range, playing field or blind and use it as a tool to improve your shooting and hunting skills. Record video from your rifle or bow, save it to your smartphone and share it with family and friends.

Personalize Your Shooting, Hunting, Playing or Tactical Experience

Loaded with options, the Inteliscope App allows you to leverage the many advantages of smartphone technology like shooting around corners, strobe and flashlight options, team communication, and the use of hundreds of other third-party applications. We also provide accessories to get your Inteliscope mounted to any firearm.

Inteliscope is Accurate, Fast and Safe

Inteliscope works like any other optic when sighting in your shots. The intuitive display gets you setup in no time. Use the slider mount location reference point to save your settings. The large heads-up display makes it faster and safer to acquire targets.


Shoot. Move. Communicate.

In the field or on the range—Use your smartphone like never before.

Shoot. Record. Improve.

Take your Inteliscope to the range and use it as a tool to improve your shooting skills.

Acquire Target. Record.

Playback. You are set to record from your rifle POV. Save video and share with friends and family.


No problem. Our customers have fired thousands of rounds through many smartphone types on several firearms.

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