Thermal Imaging Devices

X-IT Solutions designs, develops, markets and distributes accessories and solutions for civilian and commercial clients, safety and security, firearms, hunting and outdoor applications. Provider of specialized investigative services.

Portable Professional Thermal Imaging

Whether you're a contractor looking to eradicate energy loss, a hunter seeking out your prey or a security professional ensuring that there's no place to hide. X-IT Solutions has the perfect device for you.

All products are sourced from only the highest rated suppliers and are proven to be best in class. We only provide devices that have been extensively field-tested and rated by professional users to ensure quality and peace of mind to our clientele.


High Performance - Affordable - Thermal Imaging

If you've ever had a need to quickly identify heat loss in a structure; discover where your motors or HVAC equipment are experiencing energy loss, monitor imbalances in electrical systems, or just have to find that bushpig in the dark,

then it is time for you to consider a portable thermal imaging device. Our devices range from attachments for modern cellphones, excellent standalone devices and even rifle and bow mounts for the sportsman or security professional.

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